How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi

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What is Fastboot Mode

Fastboot Mode is a mode of controlling the phone and operating system via command line and ADB interface. It is used to restore the phone after installing a failed update, changing hidden settings, flashing the device, factory reset, OEM unlocking, boot loader recovery and other procedures.

The meaning of the word Fastboot is “fast boot”. It is included in the Android SDK (Software Developer Kit) and is an alternative to Recovery Mode.

Fastboot mode is necessary for installing custom firmware, allows you to change the MIUI region (for example, install the Indonesian version instead of the Global MIUI), test beta versions or roll back to a previous MIUI version. It’s important to note that the fast boot mode is intended for advanced users. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best not to use it.

We now know what Fastboot means. Let’s get to the bottom of what Fastboot ROM means.

Fastboot ROM is official stock firmware in TGZ format which are released by Xiaomi to install MIUI in bootloader mode. They are available for all models of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets, Redmi, Mi, and POCO phones. To install the Fastboot ROM you need to connect your device to your PC and use the Mi Flash Pro firmware program.

How to enter Fastboot Mode on Mi

The procedure to activate Fastboot Mode on Mi, Redmi and POCO is the same and very simple — just hold down the phone keys. The only difference is the image on the screen signalling to enter Fastboot mode.

How to enter Fastboot Mode in Mi:

  1. Turn off the Mi phone completely.
  2. On the switched off smartphone, press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.
  3. Keep them pressed until orange text FASTBOOT or a bunny in a fur cap appears on a black background.

From MIUI 13 onwards, the phone displays orange FASTBOOT text. In previous versions of the operating system (MIUI 12.5 and below), a branded hare in a fur cap fixing Android and blue text were displayed.

So, you see the text Fastboot on Xiaomi, but what to do next? After entering Fastboot mode, you can connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. It is important to use the original cable, otherwise there is a risk of getting a “brick” out of Mi or Redmi phone.

Conversely, before you break anything on your phone in Fastboot Mode, you should exit it.

How to exit Fastboot Mode

If you have accidentally entered Fastboot mode on your Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi or POCO phone and don’t know what to do, you can safely exit Fastboot mode. This situation is possible due to pressing buttons in a case, bag or in your pocket.

How to exit Fastboot Mode in Mi, Redmi:

  1. Press the power button for 7-10 seconds, keeping it pressed until the phone turns off.
  2. Wait a few seconds and then press the power button again to turn the device back on.
  3. If your phone hangs in Fastboot mode and doesn’t want to start into the MIUI operating system, try exiting it a few more times by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

Note : All files listed here are official untouched MIUI ROMs. It’s not owned, modified or modded by Bigota MIUI.

Disclaimer about specification. We can not guarantee that the specs information on this page is 100% correct. If a particular specification is vital to you, we always recommend checking with the phone seller and the best way to start is by visiting their website directly.