How to flash Mi phone using Fastboot ROM

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Flashing Mi phone, Redmi, POCO mode Fastboot is done using a computer and Mi Flash Pro software. You’ll need to enable USB debugging in the MIUI settings beforehand, as well as unlock Xiaomi bootloader.

How to flash Fastboot ROM via Fastboot:

  1. Download the Fastboot ROM firmware archive for your phone or tablet and unzip it into a new folder. Only Latin letters and numbers can be in the path to this folder. It is important to choose the correct Fastboot ROM that corresponds to the serial number of your device.
  2. Download and install Mi Flash Pro tool, go to Mi Flash tab. If you are prompted to install the necessary drivers, accept by clicking the Install button.
  3. Click the Select button, select the folder with the unpacked firmware and click OK.
  4. Launch Xiaomi in Fastboot mode and connect it to your computer using the original USB cable.
  5. Click Refresh button for the software to detect the connected phone.blank
  6. In the lower part of the window choose clean all for deleting all user files, save user data for saving data or clean all and lock for locking the boot loader.blank
  7. Press Flash button.

Flashing Fastboot in Mi takes 5-10 minutes. The phone will then reboot itself. User applications will be deleted, but files in the internal memory will be saved, if the save user data option has been selected.

PC does not see Mi phone in Fastboot Mode

Sometimes the phone is not seen in Fastboot mode and the PC shows an error message waiting for any device fastboot. The waiting time may be infinitely long due to a number of reasons. It can be resolved internally.

What to do if Waiting For Any Device Fastboot:

  1. Check the USB cable. If the device connection cable is damaged or you are using a non-original cable, the PC will not see the Xiaomi phone in Fastboot mode and will give an error waiting for device fastboot. You need to replace the USB cable and try again.
  2. Install ADB drivers. Android Debug drivers are needed for computer to see the phone in Fastboot mode. ADB is used to flash the handset. Install standard universal ADB driver.
  3. Enable USB debugging. If you didn’t enable USB debugging in MIUI settings, then the PC won’t see the phone and won’t work with it. Enable USB debugging and enter Fastboot Mode again.

And don’t forget that to work with Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi you need to unlock Xiaomi bootloader.

Fastboot Mode is a powerful tool for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphone users, allowing them to troubleshoot, modify, and optimize their devices. By understanding how to access and use Mode effectively, you can ensure a smoother experience and resolve issues with your Xiaomi device. Remember to follow safety precautions and tips to minimize potential risks.

Note : All files listed here are official untouched MIUI ROMs. It’s not owned, modified or modded by Bigota MIUI.

Disclaimer about specification. We can not guarantee that the specs information on this page is 100% correct. If a particular specification is vital to you, we always recommend checking with the phone seller and the best way to start is by visiting their website directly.


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