Our Team

We launched the BigotaMIUI.com project in 2023 to offer clear and simple information on firmware updates for Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, and POCO devices. We focus on publishing instructions and maintaining links database to an official firmware, which we daily update.

Our experienced team behind the website develops, populates and maintains it throughout the lifetime of the project. It is made up of developers, authors and editors whose names you won’t see in the public part of the site. There are two main spokespeople for the project, but behind the scenes there is a whole team who create new services for you, improve existing services and update the content regularly.

Our Team
Editor Chief
I am an engineer, but IT is my calling. The Xiaomi website is not my first venture with gadgets and operating systems.
I used to be the chief editor of websites for Windows and macOS operating systems, and I wrote articles on MacBook and iPhone operation for a long time.
Eventually, I added the Android and Xiaomi devices on MIUI to this list.
Our Team
Olivia Kondo
I am an writers. bigotamiui.com is not my first venture with techno news.
I got interested in technology and writing in 2013. Now, I review the Xiaomi market news. I also make most of the photos and screenshots for the articles we post.
I love travelling. I also play World of Warcraft and experiment with putting different firmware on my phone.